You should take out additional loans in the banknote
I'm not sure if I'm going to buy an apartmentThese days, we're trying to get a big money lineUsing financial institutions, we are preparing for a lack of resources.homeless or possessed homelessRegardless, it is necessary to make sureYou're looking for him with interest. One of the regulations announced by the government,according to the jincheong region, […]

I'm not sure if I'm going to buy an apartment
These days, we're trying to get a big money line
Using financial institutions, we are preparing for a lack of resources.
homeless or possessed homeless
Regardless, it is necessary to make sure
You're looking for him with interest.

One of the regulations announced by the government,
according to the jincheong region, it can apply
LTV limit, interest rates change.
Today, we're talking about additional mortgages
I'll have time to find out.

House prices in Seoul are skyrocketing.
People living in the provinces, moving to Seoul
I'm trying to get a job in Seoul.
I'm not sure if you're going to be able to
There will be many of you.

because it expanded more widely according to the regulatory area
I think the sale has become a little difficult.
I guess it's also a good idea
It's difficult, but the metropolitan area is more difficult.

In Seoul and the metropolitan area, four regulatory areas
So the maximum limit will change.

Of course, you have to pay attention to reduce the burden.
Especially not a penny or two, but a few hundred, and a few hundred million
It's very important because it comes and goes.

The regulations on loans are getting worse and the limits are getting lower
The recipient doesn't come out as much as he wants
It can be dissatisfied.

In fact, it's not about buying an apartment
It could be a big purpose to get a business fund
for household funds or business funds
to raise money in a hurry
You may get an additional mortgage on your apartment.

These days, the circumstances in the pockets of self-employed people
Because it is not enough, we can make the most of the funding
There are people who want to draw.

In fact, our country has a lot 폰테크 of financial institutions
and the same financial institutions, especially
I'm not sure if I'm gonna get a loan
Because the results are different, we compare and find out a lot
It's better to choose.

Because big money is going to come and go,
You can't do that.

I'm not sure if you're a business operator
So the interest rates at the limit can be divided.

In the past, it was set as a single house
Now it's changed to one house and one house
I've tightened regulations on multi-homeowners
If one of the family members already made a loan
If you say you've received it, then the next person
There may be constraints, but this is also
You don't have to worry.

It is difficult to figure out the details.
Especially when receiving an additional mortgage for an apartment,
There are many people who are not enough
To use a subordinate mortgage, first of all,
It is recommended to check how much the limit is.

It seems easy to borrow, but it depends on the conditions
It is important to contact your counselor well.

Those who want to get an additional mortgage, and the self-employed
Freelancers, housewives and those who are temporarily stopping their income
If you're worried, where you can get realistic help
I hope you can confirm the possibility.
Do not worry about money, but get a loan quickly to buy it comfortably.
Yes, if you have a job, if you have a collateral
It is very helpful to submit it.

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