You use the In-N-In-Fascia massage gun.
Hello! This is Felix. Welcome to the New Year.And the only item that anyone wants to have is this.Here's a small massage.It's from a company called In & In Fascia.Nine-stage strength control, six head types.Auto shutdown for 15 minutes, 1800mAh batteryIt's on loan, replacing the head.The fact that it's available for a variety of functionsI […]

Hello! This is Felix. Welcome to the New Year.

And the only item that anyone wants to have is this.

Here's a small massage.

It's from a company called In & In Fascia.

Nine-stage strength control, six head types.

Auto shutdown for 15 minutes, 1800mAh battery

It's on loan, replacing the head.

The fact that it's available for a variety of functions

I think it's the biggest advantage!

It provides a case in the default configuration, so you can use the head

The characteristics of the product that needs to be massaged while being replaced

I think he did a good job. I think he's 건마 got a head here and there.

I don't care about storage and organization when I don't know.

It's used when you move the charging cable and the manual.

Basic to portable pouch that you can use

It's a component. Perfect for portable use!

We have a total of six different head tools.

It's a small massager, but it's capable of many different massages

These are the tools I can show you. Here are the tools.

Roundball: Conical: Scratch: U-structure: Flat: Tower

You can use heads of all these different structures.

(The head can be worn and detached by rotating it.)

From the whole body to the palms of the hands and feet, from the big muscles to the small muscles.

Cool and relaxing is now a mini massage.

How about in-and-in fascia mini? It's perfect, isn't it?

Small (mini) but powerful massage gun

Massive Capacity Shouting from Small Size

Body design is very chic, glossy metal.

With the green color, the power button and the charger at the bottom

It's in place, full of unique vibes.

The turquoise metal green color has been released on the market.

Compared to black and white products,

It's much cleaner and more urban.

400 grams of light weight in one hand.

I think I'm looking at a smartphone that's coming in.

Simple structures, metal and silver bands.

I feel different, 400 grams of grip.

It doesn't affect your wrist at all. For a long time.

It's really good to use when you're out.

It goes into your purse or backpack.

Mini Massage Gun In-N-Pascia Utilization

I think it's going to be really high!

Unsizeable massage with powerful power

In-and-in-pacia mini-massage gun. Perfect for health.

The first time you turn it on, it starts vibrating right away.

Provides massage function up to step 9!

Powerful motor to 1200-3500 rpm power

Effectively, the pain that occurs after intense exercise

It's a little less, so I'm going to bench or work out.

I can use a circular head to reduce the pain.

ON / OFF / Power adjustment buttons all in one

Has configured multifunctional functionality

So press the power button once to activate it.

Press for 2 seconds to shut down power, intensity

Adjust the adjustment up to 9 steps each time you press the button.

It can easily be adjusted according to muscle fatigue.

So the advantage is that it's easy to use!

In-N-In-Fascia Mini Massage Gun Practical Use

It's cooler if you do it on various parts and others!

Operation indication of strength on the rear when power is applied

And it's a sign of the intensity level.

We've identified the current stage, and we're working on it.

You can see the sign by the blue LED.

You can try different areas of massage.

Roundball is the first in-and-in fascia mini massage.

It's a basic head, personally.

Tower-shaped, soft, chiropractic.

I think it's the best feeling. It's really cool.

I'm going to give them a little bit of time out of reach.

I could ask you a favor, for exercise or fitness purposes.

You can use it, but it's easy to get tired at home.

It's a really good product for solving problems.

It's the same. It's cool and it's comfortable.

Yeah, it's a small size, so it's used by men and women of all ages.

It's easy to operate.

If you need intensive massage,

You can use a scratch on your waist, shoulders, palms,

It can be used on the soles of your feet, screw.

Securely mounted with a type of head and feared to slip out.

What's significantly reduced is different from other products

It was the same. I used the product for about 15 minutes and it turned off.

You can see it. It has a cooling system at the top.

I'm working on it, so I'm going to take care of the cooling.

We might be able to use the product for a long time!

If you are considering purchasing for the first time in the new year,

Don't worry about it. It's perfect for a mini massage.

Felix uses a variety of massage machines, low frequency.

I've used both the inhaler and the vibrating massager.

They're both different in terms of use and massage.

If you want to release a physically accurate RBI,

You use the In-N-In-Fascia massage gun.

You're gonna have to take care of your health, your tiredness,

I think it's the most refreshing sign of the New Year.

I think I can give it to you as a gift! Happy New Year, everyone.

I hope you get a lot of them! Please take good care of us this year as well!

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