I had a lot of worries about getting a job in the U.S.
My major is International Trade and I was born in 1993 and graduated in February 2018.He has experience after graduation and is going to J1 visa Traine 18 month visa.​The American employment company is a Cosmetics company and is located in LA and CA.We have 15 employees, but we have a huge annual sales," said […]

My major is International Trade and I was born in 1993 and graduated in February 2018.

He has experience after graduation and is going to J1 visa Traine 18 month visa.

The American employment company is a Cosmetics company and is located in LA and CA.

We have 15 employees, but we have a huge annual sales," said the company's annual sales are important when proceeding with permanent residency!)

You're working in the Sales department, and the pay terms are really... It's good.

The annual salary is 37,000 dollars until 3 months after joining the company, and after that, the annual salary is 39,000 dollars.

He doesn't have a lot of experience, but it's not easy to get 37,000 dollars a year from the start.

The hourly wage is over 18 dollars. (Wow!!!!)

Keep in touch with the company and monitor its status during the interruption of the Corona process.

I've been working really hard to make sure that I don't have to hire applicants.

The company was so grateful for waiting for me.

They couldn't wait for the manpower if it was really urgent, and there were times when they just hired them.

I hope the relationship between the applicant and the company continues well and develops well in the future.

(I don't think it's just going to end up with a J1 visa, but there were five consuls in total during the visa interview.

You gave me some information about it.

I think I'm going to be a full-time employee.^^)

I can see exactly how you feel when you say, "I feel like a blocked highway."

Mr. Oh felt the same way.Hahaha

My younger brother who went to the U.S. first will be very happy about your sister's news.

We're going to have sisterhood reunions in the United States.^^

I'll see you next year on a business trip to the United States.

Hello, I'm Mr. Oh, a career matching expert.

Since the resumption of the J1 visa interview at the U.S. Embassy, many of Oh's applicants have also conducted the U.S. visa interview.

The visa interview for the embassy was temporarily suspended on March 19, and those who have been waiting for the resumption of the visa interview,

Those who started their employment in the U.S. around May and completed the approval of the sponsor organization, waiting for the visa interview, etc.

Many people were waiting for the embassy visa interview.

So I'm having a very busy time again from mid-October.

It doesn't feel like the end of the year, but I hope you have a happy end of the year.

Above all, I hope you have a healthy end of the year.

Britain started vaccinating yesterday, the United States is about to start, and our country is expected to start in the first half of next year.

I'm looking forward to getting out of the shade of Corona by the second quarter of next year.

There are also visa interviews scheduled for many U.S. embassies in December.

I hope all of you will get your visa approved at once and I will support you until the end.

There was a long wait for those who completed issuing documents just before the embassy visa interview was temporarily suspended on March 19.

Fortunately, most of them got visa approval well, but I received green paper just for 3 minutes.

One of them received a "ISSUED" call from the embassy on December 7th, and the visa delivery was completed.


Ambassador 마사지알바 Americanton J1 visa interview green letter, November finally approved visa today!


The other two are still waiting for the news of visa approval from the embassy.

I expect it to be approved soon, but for American job applicants, I know this waiting time will be too hard.

I feel sorry for Mr. Oh, too.

There are many people who passed the J1 visa interview at the U.S. Embassy recently, so I can't tell you all the reviews, but I share a few cases.

A review of the U.S. Embassy's J1 visa interview in October and November 2020 (shared only a few cases)

J1 Intern/ Master of Architectural Engineering Graduates (male)

He majored in architectural engineering in college and graduate school and is scheduled to graduate in February 2021.

I had some experience as an intern in architectural design at a structural engineering company.

The company you're employed in the United States is a structural engineer's office in Los Angeles, California.

J1 visa starts on January 11, 21 and is scheduled to leave on December 27.

Mr. Oh has been working as an American for many years.

It's a company where the satisfaction level of work is very high and architectural engineering majors learn and grow a lot.

Some have received a work visa and some have taken a master's degree in the U.S. after American turn.

If you are a architectural engineering major, I strongly recommend this company.

However, it's a shame that the opening is rare.

J1 Traine / Bachelor of Science at Korea University, graduate with a master's degree at Seoul National University (female)

She's a 33-year-old woman whose specs are really idle~~~^^

You majored in OO and OO at Korea University, and graduated from Seoul National University with a master's degree in OO.

He is really good at English.

I was surprised to see the IBT TOEFL score and IELTS score ^^ because it's never easy.

Of course, he's fluent in speaking.

The specification was good, but the attitude and mind of the applicant was really good.

I had a lot of thoughts about where to get a job in the U.

He hoped that the most desired part would not only be to get an American-turn job, but also to have an opportunity to switch to a full-time job after his J1 visa.

You said you wanted to apply to the company you recommended, and you connected to the interview right away.

As a result of the interview, the applicant accepted the offer and the American employment process was carried out at a rapid rate.

I passed the interview with the employer at the end of August and got the DS document issued in October.

And the J1 visa interview was approved at once.

I prepared a lot because I was an experienced person, but it was approved so easily.

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