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HelloI'm the new bride who is about to get married next month.I've been postponing the wedding because of Corona19.Now that we're able to proceed with the wedding,These days, I feel very fortunate.So I'm going to take care of everything on the wedding day.I found the perfect body for skin care in Bucheon.To be a more […]


I'm the new bride who is about to get married next month.

I've been postponing the wedding because of Corona19.

Now that we're able to proceed with the wedding,

These days, I feel very fortunate.

So I'm going to take care of everything on the wedding day.

I found the perfect body for skin care in Bucheon.

To be a more bright bride, face and face.

I need smooth skin on my shoulders.

I got it because I thought about it.

The reason why I chose this place for skin care in Bucheon

First of all, my sister, who married me, took care of this place.

It's because I got it.

It's a minute's walk from Bucheon Station.

It is located right in front of Bucheon Station Square.

The detailed address is on Bucheon Eolzzang Body Naver.

You can check it if you search it.

Closed on holidays, from 10:30 p.m. on weekdays.

21:00 p.m. Saturday from 10:30 p.m.

It's open until 18:00.

I gave you a visit after I made a reservation.

You have to make a reservation and visit.

Please refer to this point because you can get it.

After you visit, fill out a simple questionnaire,

You're doing it, and you know it very carefully.

I really liked the beginning.

The program I chose is back management and

It was Aqua Pill.

I thought I'd choose wedding care, but this is not enough.

When my sister said it would be possible,

That's how I decided.

The staff are so kind, so delicate.

I was glad that you cared about me.

I change clothes in the powder room where I'm being maintained,

You can put it in the maintenance room.

I can change my clothes and lie down right away.

I think it was good that it wasn't bothersome.

Even the changeable clothes are clean in advance.

It was nice to have you ready in your condition.

It's good to care about clothes that shouldn't crumple.

In case of clothes, if I ask you a favor,

They keep it in a 송도 스웨디시 styler.

When I went to Bucheon for skin care,

I don't have any other reservations.

You're gonna keep it in Styler's first.

Thank you very much for telling me.

There are various powder rooms.

The staff kindly guided me.

Take care of yourself in a cozy environment.

I felt like I could get it.

Where it's too fancy, you only care where it's visible.

too often used to be negligent

There are a lot of cases.

More than 10 years of experience in skin care in Bucheon

He had a director, and he was in the care area.

So there's a specialist out there.

Problems or solutions to my skin

You can get treatment by analyzing the back.

I chose a single room, and it was comfortable.

Manage your needs at a reasonable price

It was so nice to be able to receive it.

Management personnel have expertise.

I'm being managed at the price of removing the bubble.

It wasn't burdensome and I was so satisfied!

We have a variety of products.

How it's going to be done in sequence.

We can start with a guide.

The first time you've ever been comfortably cared for a while.

I think I found it, so I liked it a lot.

Diet and body shape management by part

You said you'd do it, but even when you're on a diet,

I don't want to lose weight.

If you usually have areas with severe swelling,

Visit Bucheon Skin Care Center.

The separation from the flesh that I felt was chronic.

Looking forward to speaking.

I started with back care first.

Untie the clumps on your back.

You're taking care of me so gently.

I felt like I was getting rid of all my fatigue.

All kinds of cream that's good for your skin and nutrients.

I felt like I was going to fall asleep.

soft, but not easily taken out.

I was so happy thanks to your hosting.

Besides, the director's having so much fun talking about it.

I was chatting comfortably and time flew by!

I don't lose any of my forearms.

I cared a lot when I was wearing a dress,

If you get this consistent care,

You're gonna have a thin forearm.

With happy imaginations of hope,

I think I was taken care of.

Lie down and face after back care

I started to take care of my skin.

After cleansing, apply the sebum emulsifying solution.

He said he's taking care of the decollete.

When you're stressed out, it's like acne.

Because I was a frequent occurrence, the sebaceous glands...

You said you felt like you were being affected by your immune system.

After that, the Aqua 1, 2 and 3 festivals were held.

I was able to get a sedation care.

Especially when I felt better about facial care,

I don't know what kind of skin I'm talking about my skin type.

What you told me exactly,

What type of skin, lotion do you use?

You told me in detail that you liked it.

I think it was helpful.

After the calming effect, I'm going to put it on my skin.

I finish by doing the right pack.

After I'm done with it, I'm going to do what I usually want.

I feel like my skin is clear and transparent.

I felt really good.

positive thanks to satisfactory ability

I think it could have led to a review.

There's a double room available, so maybe a couple.

I could bring my parents.

In Bucheon skin care, pore care, problematic skin,

Various individuals, including contour management and beauty counseling.

It's a place where you can get customized care.

I'm thinking of getting it regularly before the wedding.

I'm going to get it even after the wedding.

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